New license plate for brand new cars

The new identification for vehicles and motorcycles goes into effect at Mercosur level










  • Since April 1 2016 the Mercosur License Plate goes into effect for all the brand new cars and motorcycles.
  • The new plate will be delivered once the available stock of the previous model is exhausted in each District Registries.
  • The new plates are also going to be used in Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela.
  • It is going to have seven characters composed of letters and numbers. The cars have two letters, three numbers and other two letters (for example “AA 000 AA”), enabling a total of 450 millions of combinations.
  • It is going to have the identification with name and flag of each country.
  • It is going to be of a unique size, with the Mercosur block’s official emblem and common safety measures.
  • It is going to be a symbol of the unification and reached integration among the Latin American countries.


Source: DNRPA (National Registry of Motor Vehicles and Chattel Mortgages) 

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