Industry Report November 2019

In November, the domestic production of vehicles was 27,099 units, 14.9% less than in October and 26.4% below the record of the same month last year.

The sector exported 17,921 vehicles, that is 7.3% less compared to the previous month, and 31.2% below the volume that was posted in November 2018.

In wholesale sales, the automotive sector as a whole marketed 22,900 units to the dealer network, a volume that stood at 15.8% below the performance of the previous month and contracted by 30.8% compared to the performance of November last year.

With 20 working days of activity, the automotive terminals produced 27,099 vehicles in November, meaning 14.9% less than the volume it recorded in October and it registered a 26.4% drop regarding the 36.88 units produced in November last year.

Accumulated from January to November, the sector reached 300,263 units produced (cars and utility vehicles), marking a 32.7% contraction compared to the 446,174 units produced in the same period of 2018.

Continuing with the data of November, the report reflects that the volume of vehicles exported over the previous month was 17,921 units, showing a 7.3% drop in comparison with October. If the comparison is with the same month of 2018, the sector recorded a 31.2 percent drop in shipments.

Accumulated in the 11 months, the sector exported 205,283 vehicles, which means it recorded a 16.7% decline compared to the same period last year when 246,413 units were shipped to various markets.

Regarding the industry report, Gabriel López, president of the Association of Automotive Makers (ADEFA), stressed that, since its beginning, "2019 was very challenging and the volumes recorded in the main variables are a sign of this".

"We have worked hard to manage this situation. It is essential to stabilize the variables of the economy and to clear the uncertainty in the local market, so that together with a potential improvement in external demand, it allows us to start recording positive year-over-year results",  Lopez said.

Moreover, as a complement to sectoral management, he highlighted the joint work of all the links in the value chain in a vision and consensus plan to ensure a solid long-term automotive industry. "Beyond managing the situation, we continue working intensively on the long-term sustainability of our industry. In this sense, the "Strategic Plan 2030" that we developed in consensus with the entire value chain allows us to prepare the sector in Argentina to face the challenges of the transformation of the global industry and to continue driving the development of the country," he added.

Finally, regarding wholesale sales, the report states that, in November, the automotive sector marketed 22,900 units to the dealer network, 15.8% less than the deliveries of October and 30.8% below the volume of the same month last year.

Thus, the year’s accumulated reflects that wholesale sale (to dealers) stood at 341,323 units, that is 46.1% less than the same period in 2018 in which 633,398 vehicles were marketed

Press 12/04/19.

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