Industry Report December 2018

In December, the national production of vehicles was 20,475 units, 44.4% less than the previous November and 38.5% below the performance of the same month last year.

The sector exported 22,947 vehicles, which means 11.9% less than November, and it recorded a 26.1% growth with respect to the volume of December 2017.

In wholesale sales, the sector marketed to the dealer network 48,418 units, volume that was placed 46.3% above the record of the previous month, and 46.4% less if compared to the performance of December last year.

With an average of 9 working days of activity as a result of the earlier summer break and plant conditioning by applying new investments – compared to the 15 days of 2017-, the automotive terminals produced in December 20,475 vehicles ( Cars and utility vehicles), which means, a 44.4% drop was recorded with respect to November when 36,808 units were produced and 38.5% less when compared to the 33,280 units that were produced in the same period of 2017.

Between January and December, the cumulative production was 466,649 units, meaning, 1.4% less than the 473,408 vehicles which were manufactured in the same period of the previous year.

Continuing with the data recorded the last month of the year, the automotive terminals exported 22,947 vehicles, reflecting a 11.9% drop compared to the volume which was exported last month, and a growth of 26.1% if compared with the 18,202 units which were exported in December 2017.

In the annual cumulative, the sector exported 269,360 vehicles, which resulted in a 28.5% growth over the 209,587 units that were shipped to various markets in the same period last year.

In Wholesale Sales, the Industrial report notes that in December a total of 48,418 units were marketed to the network, which means, 46.3% more than the 33,095 sold in November and 46.4% below the performance of the same month last year when 90,307 units were marketed to the dealer network.

With a total of 681,816 vehicles marketed between January and December, the sector recorded a year-on-year drop of 22.9% as regards total sales.

Press 01/04/19.-

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