Industry Report May 2018

In May the national production of vehicles was 46,835 units, 2.3 % more compared to last April and 3.5 % over the performance of the same month last year.

The sector exported 21,431 vehicles, which means, it recorded a 7.7 % rise related to April, and a 7.4 % increase if it is compared to the volume of May 2017.

In wholesale sales, the sector marketed to the dealer network 75,754 units, volume which was placed 4.1% above the one recorded in April, and 4.7 % below the performance of May last year.

ADEFA’s report reflects that in May the automotive terminals produced 46,835 vehicles (cars and utilities), meaning, they recorded a 2.3 % improvement in relation to April when 45,802 units were produced and a 3.5 % increase with respect to the performance of May 2017 when the production was 45,273 vehicles.

In the first five months, the sector produced 203,235 units, which means, it recorded a growth of 16 % compared to the 175,158 units which were produced in the same period of the previous year.

Continuing with the data recorded in the fifth month of 2018, the automotive companies exported 21,431 vehicles among cars and utilities, which reflects a 7.7 % growth compared to the volume exported in April, and 7.4 % more compared to the 19,956 units which were exported in May last year.

Accumulated from January to May, the terminals exported a total of 98,676 units, which means, 25.4 % over the volume recorded the same period of 2017.

Finally, in wholesale sales, the monthly statistics reflect that in May 75,754 units were marketed, that is, 4.1 % more in relation to the 72,748 sold in April and 4.7 % below the performance of the same month last year when 79,521 units were delivered to the car dealers.

With the partial data of May, accumulated in the first months of the year, the sector marketed to the dealer network 366,249 units, which means, a 9.4 % increase was recorded in its comparison to the sales of the same period last year.

Within the context of the industry’s monthly data analysis, the president of ADEFA, Luis Fernando Peláez Gamboa, stressed that the sector is working on the new objectives set after the sectoral meeting led by the president of the Nation, Mauricio Macri, by the middle of the month in Córdoba.

In that regard, the president of ADEFA reviewed what has been achieved up to now as the implementation of measures which lead to achieve a greater international insertion, to boost the supplier development and the reduction of costs (logistic, tax). However, Peláez Gamboa stressed that “in each of the working groups (Logistics, integration, labor issues, international negotiations, regulations, taxes) it is necessary to continue working on pending issues and which aim at reaching a million units of production for the year 2023”. 

Following the review of what has been raised in the sectoral working group, the president of ADEFA came back to the behavior of the industry’s main pillars. In that regard, Peláez Gamboa pointed that “the performance of production, export and sales come with -at the end of the first five months of the year-, the trend we set at the beginning of 2018”.

However, the president of the association announced that “in the coming months it will be necessary to monitor the impact of both the exchange correction and the behavior of interest rates, variables which influence production, export and vehicle sales. Likewise, we are in full analysis of the effect that the truck drivers’ strike in Brazil has had on our activity”. This latter, affected the parts and components supply to the local market forcing to make plant shutdowns, situation that will take several days until both the processes and the normal productive operation are normalized. 

Press 06/05/2018.-

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