Industry Report May 2017

In May the domestic production of vehicles was 45,273 units, 20 % above the performance in April and 13.8 % more regarding the same month last year.

The sector exported 19,956 vehicles, which means, it recorded a 7.5 % growth regarding April, and 9.7 % in comparison with the volume of May 2016.

In wholesale sales, the sector marketed to the dealer network 79,521 units, volumewhich was placed 16.7 % above the previous month, and it increased 31.7 % in its comparison with the performance in May last year.

With an average of 21 working days, the automotive terminals recorded an improvement in their main industrial variables. In this case, it is highlighted that the companies produced 45,273 vehicles (cars and utility vehicles), which means, they recorded a 20 % growth regarding last April when 37,730 units were produced and a 13.8 % growth in relation to the performance in May 2016 when the production was 39,768 vehicles.

Between January and May, the sector produced a total of 173,908 units, 4.6 % less compared with the 182,383 units which were produced in the first five months of the previous year.

Continuing with the data recorded in the fifth month of 2017, the automakers exported 19,956 vehiclesamong cars and light vehicles, which reflects a 7.5 % growth in relation to the volume exported last April, and 9.7 % if it is compared with the 18,199 units exported in May last year.  

Accumulated from the first five months, the automotive terminals exported a total of 78,720 units, meaning, 6,1 % above the volume which was recorded between January and May 2016.

Finally, in wholesale sales, ADEFA’s report reflects that in May 79,521 units were marketed to the dealer network,which means, 16.7 % more compared with the 68,117 sold last April and 31.7 % above the performance in the same month last year when 60,360 units were delivered to the dealer network.

Accumulated from January to May, the wholesale sales accounted for 334,700 units and with that the sector recorded a 18,3% growth in its comparison with the sales from the same period last year.

Press 06/05/2017

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