Industry Report August 2019

In August, the domestic production of vehicles was 30,815 units, 42.4% more compared to July and 37.5% below the record of the same month last year.

The sector exported 18,856 vehicles, which means, 5.3% less in its comparison to the previous month, and 32.8% less than the volume that was posted in August 2018.

In wholesale sales, the sector marketed 38,021 units to the network, volume that stood 3.1% below the previous month, and contracted by 27.2% in comparison to the performance of August last year.

With 21 working days of activity during August, the terminals gathered in the Association of Automotive Makers (ADEFA) produced 30,815 vehicles, that is, they recorded a 42.4% growth related to the volume of the previous July and a decrease of 37.5% in relation to the 49,335 units they produced in the same month last year.

Accumulated for first eight months of the year, the sector reached a production of 213,643 units (cars and utility vehicles), which translates in a 35.9% drop in comparison to the 333,440 units that were produced in the same period of 2018.

When analyzing the behavior of August, the president of ADEFA, Luis Fernando Peláez Gamboa, explained that "the production volumes have improved compared to July since the terminals that had stopped for the winter recess and refurbishment of plants resumed their normal activity during the month".

The volume of vehicles exported during the eighth month amounted to 18,856 units, showing a 5.3% drop in its comparison to July. If the comparison is with the same month last year, the sector recorded a 32.8 % drop in shipments.

Between January and August, 146,455 vehicles were exported, which means, a 16.3% drop was recorded compared to the same period last year when 175,001 units were shipped to various markets.

Continuing with the data recorded in August, the sector marketed 38,021 units to its dealer network, 3.1% less than July and a 27.2% drop in its comparison to August last year.

In this way, between January and August, the wholesale sales (dealers) stood at 264,343 units, 49.2% less than the same period in 2018 in which 520,468 vehicles were marketed.

Press 09/04/19.-


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