Industry report August 2018

In August the national production of vehicles was 49,335 units, 19 % more compared to July and 9 % above the comparison with the same month last year.

The sector exported 28,068 vehicles, which means, 10.7 % more in relation to July, and a 59.6 % growth compared to the volume recorded in August 2017.

In wholesale sales, the sector marketed to the dealer network 52,224 units, volume placed 12 % above what was recorded last month, and 31.9 % less in its comparison with the performance of August last year.

With an average of 22 working days, the automotive terminals produced 49,335 vehicles (cars and utility vehicles), meaning, it recorded a 19 % growth in relation to the previous July when 41,450 units were produced and a 9 % progress when compared to the 45,262 units which were produced in August 2017.

Between January and August, the cumulated production was 333,440 units, which means 9.7 % more in relation to the 304,085 vehicles which were manufactured in the same period last year.

Continuing with the data recorded in the eighth month of the year, the automotive terminals exported 28,068 vehicles, reflecting an improvement of 10.7 % compared to the volume exported the previous month, and a 59.6 % growth if it is compared to the 17,583 units which were exported in August 2017.

In the cumulated amount of the first eight months of the year, the sector exported 175,001 vehicles, resulting in a 34.1 % growth compared to the 130,526 units which were shipped to various markets in the same period last year.

This behavior doesn’t reflect yet the change of scenario and the implementation of the new measures announced in the last weeks such as the reduction of refunds and the new export duties. In this regard, Luis Fernando Peláez Gamboa, president of the Association of Automotive Makers (ADEFA) highlighted that the sector understands the degree of difficulty which the economy faces, and it understands the effort to be made in order to achieve the desired objective of fiscal balance.

Furthermore, he noted that “given the export profile of our industry, we understand that the implementation of these new measures, will have effect both on the level of activity, as well as on our medium-term prospects. Although the production and export figures of August do not reflect the impact of the measures, we are precisely analyzing that process. We work to determine the reach the same will have in our industry and the necessary actions to be implemented facing the new context”.

In wholesale sales, the industrial report shows that in August a total of 52,224 units were marketed to the network, which means, 12 % more compared to the 46,637 sold in July and 31.9 % below the performance of the same month last year when 76,700 were placed in the dealer network.

With a total of 520,468 vehicles marketed between January and August, the sector recorded an interannual decrease of 7.8 % as regards total sales.

Press 09/05/18

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